The easiest strategy in the world to achieve SAFE results
in Multilevel Marketing taking advantage of the power of the Web

  • Do you hate the door to door sale ?
  • Do not you want to become a seller?
  • Do you not bear the meetings where there is a crowd cheering?
  • Do aggressive sales techniques make you feel nauseous?
  • You do not want to invite your acquaintances to product presentations with different tricks, because afterwards they will hate you?
  • Would you like economic independence and are you willing to apply a very simple strategy from the comfort of your home?
  • You have no money to invest in starting a business and you want to get out of the infernal cycle in which you are now with your company?

If most of your answers to these questions are YES,
the "Few Click a day" strategy was also invented for YOU!

Let's see now how it works but first a small premise

You know that social networks are a great way to share an opportunity.

Think for example about Facebook.
Many people share their job offers in groups.

Within these groups are shared different types of posts such as text ads, links or images.

But what is the best content to publish within a group
to share your opportunity?

Without any doubt the landing pages !!!

Landing pages are web pages designed to capture the visitor's email contact. In the moment in which the user leaves his email, he will receive a sequence of informative e-mails in the following days. Using the landing pages in addition to requiring technical skills involves sacrifices in terms of time and financial resources.

How the world of Multilevel Marketing would change
if everyone had a personal landing page
to be shared within Facebook groups
to register people for a personalized E-Mail sequence?

At that point the only thing you should just do is publish your Landing Page
inside the groups and commit to bring it back to the top through the "Up".
Many times you will bring your landing page to the top and greater will be the visibility
that you will get and then the subscribers.

If at the end of the E-mail sequence you offered your interlocutor the opportunity to participate
to this business giving it the possibility to use also
a personalized landing page to be published within the groups?

Surely the opportunity will be very tempting.
But it does not end here because the most beautiful part has yet to come !!!

In addition to the "Few Click a day" strategy, another powerful strategy
is that of development in depth (Vertical Growth)

The merging of these two strategies can give exponential results

Let's see how it works

Imagine that Mario starts his business and applying the "Few Click a Day" strategy, he is sponsoring Alessia. The new entry Alessia will receive her personal landing page after which her work will consist in replicating the simple strategy used by Mario. Alessia was encouraged by Mario also because his sponsor has taken the commitment to make Alessia earn as soon as possible by registering new people under her. Specifically, Mario has taken the commitment to register at least one direct and as many indirect. Therefore the work of Alessia is supported by that of Mario with the only goal of developing the Alessia network. So imagine that thanks to this team game, Matteo is registered under Alessia. Matteo's recording was twice as fast because Alessia's work was added to Mario's.

Now I'll ask you a new question

If Mario to register Alessia took 1 month and these two to enroll Matthew took 2 weeks how much time they must wait before Mario, Alessia and Matteo find the next person to be registered under Matteo?

Hypothetically after 1 week !!!

Mario instead of enrolling direct people chose to develop the network in depth. Choosing to work in depth involves few disadvantages and many advantages

Let's see what this is disadvantage

  • Working in depth earns less in the short term
  • Meritocracy disappears

There would also be another disadvantage with strategy, however, is somewhat partial. The upline work aimed at making the downlines profit independently of the work done by the latter could favor someone's laxity. In reality this problem does not exist because as you know in Multilevel Marketing in order to receive the commissions it is necessary to make a monthly self-consumption. Assuring a profit of at least  $200 a month to anyone who also ensures self-consumption by anyone and therefore a gain in favor of the whole Upline

Instead we see the many benefits of this strategy

  • Working in depth you earn a lot more in the medium / long term
  • By guaranteeing results to those who enter, business adherence is promoted
  • The more parties participate in the business the more an exponential membership is generated (mass membership)
  • Helping the last to earn will also earn the first ones
  • Ensuring a minimum income to anyone who are inactive inactive distributors are reset
  • Everyone will be able to duplicate themselves
  • Number of infinite contacts

But let's go back to the illustration mentioned above and imagine that through the "Strategy of a few clicks a day" and to the vertical development the network represented below has been developed.

As you can see in the ninth line was added Mattia. Mattia was enrolled under Maria. Mary must help in every way to help the newly-entered Mattia to earn by registering people under him. Maria's income depends solely on her ability to make Mattia gain as soon as possible. Maria and Mattia are there to put it all together to share their landing page to find new people to sponsor under Mattia. Fortunately, Mary is not alone with Matthias. To support them there are 8 Upline that work with the Up with a single purpose. To enroll people in automated mail to find a person to register under Mattia. Faster is the team's ability to make earn Mattia and greater will be the success of the entire network.

Now ask yourself

Developing an extremely efficient system, in which the work of one adds to the work of others how much explosive can become the growth of a structure able to sponsor a person in a few days (or a few hours)?

Pay attention to the next step

After developing his first leg in a shaky way, Mario chooses to open his new leg.
He must sponsor his second front line and can not boast of his Upline's support.
How long will it take Mario to start a second time
the winning mechanismused to grow his first leg ?

Very little !!!

After working it in depth, Mario's first leg
generates a quantity of money that allows him to invest without problems in Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a powerful tool for highlighting
his landing page triggering quickly
the growth of his second leg !!!

This strategy is a winner for a variety of reasons

Applying this method the main reasons that push a person
not to join a business of Multilevel are neutralized !!!

  • The results depend no more on the individual's ability but on the determination of the whole team
  • Adhering to the business is always convenient because the result is assured
  • There is no longer the problem of time because the work is reduced to a few clicks to be done every day
  • Thanks to landing pages and automated e-mails, sponsorship takes place automatically
  • The method is very duplicatable by anyone
  • Up can be done either from home (PC) or away from home (from mobile) also taking advantage of downtime
  • Nobody can say that they do not want to become a seller
  • We must no longer disturb the acquaintances, fearing repercussions on their part
  • It is a Win to Win method. The more we help the last to earn the more we will all earn
  • One's work is added to that of others
  • The number of reachable contacts is unlimited